Womens Heritage Numbers Launched

The club has today launched heritage numbers for the women’s team and has issued the first 27 numbers.

Heritage numbers are unique numbers issued sequentially to every player who pulls on the jersey for the Outlaws and they form an invaluable historical record that will tell the history of this club for future generations of players and fans.

Captain Stacey Wright has the eternal honour of receiving heritage number 1 whilst Ffion Owen is currently the youngest player to hold a heritage number at 17 years of age.

The honouree’s of a heritage number are:

Heritage NumberPlayer Name
1Stacey Wright
2Anwen Owen
3Aimee Jones
4Lianne Fletcher
5Kelcy Challenger
6Charlotte Hadland
7Cerys Hopkins
8Joeanne McGuire
9Rhian Stephens
10Louise Isaac
11Sarah Creek
12Ffion Owen
13Zoe Lewis
14Rhiannon Evans
15Harriet Gordan Bowen
16Jordan Gray
17Page Randell
18Kourtney Lewis
19Helena Michel
20Coral Evans
21Shaunni Davies
22Jade Edwards
23Carys Thomas
24Sara Prosser
25Megan Oeten
26Karla Benjamin
27Jess Pritchard