Player Review

To ensure our players are keeping Rugby League at the forefront of their mind during this lockdown period, we are going to follow WRL’s performance programme lead and set a simple challenge:

The challenge is to watch the match below (Castleford Tigers v Leeds Rhinos. 2017 Super League Grand Final). You need to pick a team and then:


  • Watch the player in your usual position closely when they are attacking in the opponents 40 meter zone and make a note of the following:
    • Identify what their role is in each set (are they carrying, running support lines, etc.)
    • Where are they in relation to their team mates and how do they communicate?
    • Track the lines they run and identify where they are aiming to get to
    • How effective were they?
    • If you were playing, what might you have done differently and why?


  • Watch the player in your usual position closely when they are defending in their own 40 meter zone and make a note of the following:
    • Identify what their position is in relation to the attack particularly in where they are in relation to the ruck area
    • How do they communicate with their team mates to ensure the defence is well organised?
    • Focus on how they defend in channels and then note how they track an attacker who moves across their channel or comes in to their channel. How to the channels move laterally?
    • How many defenders are there in relation to 10m, scrum line, middle, etc. How does this alter depending on which area of the field you are in and how close to the try line?

After you’ve watched the game, send us a couple of bullet points via the form below about the main thing you learnt from watching the game.

To help you track the correct player for your position, here is how the teams are lined up:

Castleford Tigers

Full BackGreg Eden5
Left WingJy Hitchcox25
Left CentreMichael Shenton4
Right CentreJake Webster3
Right WingGreg Minikin2
Stand-offBen Roberts16
Half BackLuke Gale7
Left PropJesse Sene-Lefao15
HookerPaul McShane9
Right PropNathan Massey14
Left 2nd RowOliver Holmes11
Right 2nd RowMike McMeeken12
Loose ForwardAdam Milner13
SUB: Utility ForwardGrant Millington10
SUB: Utility ForwardJunior Moors17
SUB: Utility ForwardMatt Cook18
SUB: Utility Forward/CentreAlex Foster34

Leeds Rhinos

Full BackJack Walker31
Left WingRyan Hall5
Left CentreLiam Sutcliffe14
Right CentreKallum Watkins3
Right WingTom Briscoe2
Stand-offJoel Moon4
Half BackDanny McGuire6
Left PropBrad Singleton16
HookerMatt Parcell9
Right PropMitch Garbutt17
Left 2nd RowJamie Jones-Buchanan11
Right 2nd RowStevie Ward13
Loose ForwardAdam Cuthbertson10
SUB: Utility BackRob Burrow7
SUB: Utility ForwardCarl Ablett12
SUB: Utility ForwardBrett Ferres19
SUB: Utility ForwardAntony Mullally20