Sponsorship Opportunities


  • Full page (black and white) – £150.00
  • Full page (colour) – £150.00
  • Half page (black and white) – £75.00
  • Half page (colour) – £100.00
  • Quarter page (black and white) – £50.00
  • Quarter Page (colour) – £75.00

Kit Sponsor Packages:

  • £1,500 for full playing kit (Shirt, Shorts & Socks)

Full sponsorship will provide you with the company name/logo on the front of the playing jersey and back of shorts (or any positions of your choice), full black and white page advertisement in the match day program & a framed players jersey.

SHIRT FRONT – Right Shoulder£50.00
SHIRT FRONT – Right Arm£50.00
SHIRT FRONT – Right Lower£50.00
SHIRT FRONT – Right Chest£200.00
SHIRT FRONT – Collar£50.00
SHIRT FRONT – Centre Chest£500.00
SHIRT FRONT – Left ChestClub Badge
SHIRT FRONT – Left Shoulder£50.00
SHIRT FRONT – Left Arm£50.00
SHIRT FRONT – Left Lower£50.00
SHIRT BACK – Upper Back£250.00
SHIRT BACK – Lower Back 1£150.00
SHIRT BACK – Lower Back 2£150.00
SHIRT BACK – Lower back 3£150.00
SHORTS – Front Right£50.00
SHORTS – Front LeftClub Badge
SHORTS – Back Left£50.00
SHORTS – Back Right£50.00

Leisure kit is also needed and will be branded and printed with logos as agreed and is listed below.

Kit Price per unit Total units Total cost
T-Shirt £12.50 40 £500.00
Club Colour Hoodie £25.00 40 £1,000.00
Club Plain Hoodie £16.00 40 £640.00
Bottoms £18.00 40 £720.00
Shorts £15.00 40 £600.00
Polo Shirt £14.50 40 £580.00
Club Contrast T-Shirt £11.00 40 £440.00

The players will be wearing all item before during and after the match which gives a sponsor maximum coverage with the added knowledge that players and ex-players will wear them for long after the one season. This season we have had many players with Welsh trials, and several have made the cut with their age grade.

Player Sponsorship:

  • £250 full season.

Anybody wishing to sponsor the personal kit of an individual play is more than welcome to do so which would obviously be greatly appreciated by the club. Personalisation of kit for the squad is costly and if there is anything you can help with, or advise the club about, please get in touch with us, either through a player or directly. There will be many games played this season with all the squad travelling across South Wales for away fixtures and speciality events.